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Yeoman Kelly Chambers stood idly at her station up on the main deck of the Normandy, located next to the galaxy map, considering things. Her bare arms crossed one another out of habit, and a slender finger touched at her lower lip.

Commander Shepard wasn't present on the deck. Amidst the beeps of technicians typing at their stations, Kelly had the wry idea that he was down in Engineering spending time with a certain Quarian.

I'm glad they got together, they're both such wonderful people, She thought to herself glancing over at his Console. They're so cute.

Her thoughts at that moment turned to the ships newest... "Crew Member", and what was to be done in regards to it.

I mean... I trust Shepard, he knows exactly what he's doing... but a Geth? Activating a Geth on the ship?

Kelly had examined the psychology of all the Crew carefully. Jack, Grunt and Zaeed had made her uneasy with their presence, but she could understand them a to a certain degree.

But this...'Legion'... does it even have emotion? Is that even possible?, She wondered confusedly, running a hand through her short, auburn hair. Its thought patterns and functionality are completely unknown to me. I'm Organic, not Synthetic...guess I should have taken a few more classes in college

Commander Shepard, Tali 'Zorah vas Normandy, Garrus Vakarian, Grunt and Samara had brought the Geth back to the ship after Retrieving the Reaper IFF drive. Kelly remembered Shepard and Garrus holding each of it's arms as they walked to the elevator, going down to EDI's core to put it behind a Mass Effect Barrier.

Tali didn't seem too pleased to at the prospect of having a Geth aboard. She had folded her arms and her posture had became rather rigid as she headed down to Engineering, shaking her helmeted head all the while.

Grunt and Samara, on the other hand, had departed for their respective areas of the ship. Neither had seemed to have cared much.

Later on, Kelly had seen the Commander, who had changed out of his body-armor and back into his usual casual uniform, heading into the briefing room to meet with Miranda and Jacob.

It had been four days since this happened, in three of those, she hadn't bothered asking about the Geth. Only yesterday, Shepard had gone out on a mission to a Geth station with Tali, Jack, Garrus, and the strange being. It had moved past her station when it headed down to the bridge, not even laying it's spinning optical lense upon her. Instead, it had stared at monitors it passed, as if with a sort of interest.
She had noticeably held her breath and tried to avert her eyes as it passed, moving with an odd fluidness, contrasting of it's heavy metal composition.  It had been gone in a flash, and she'd gone back to work, her mind ablaze with questions.

On their return, Kelly had waited for it to head back down to deck three before mustering the courage to inquire about the new addition. Shepard had informed her calmly the Geth was known as 'Legion', and that it would be joining them. She'd taken his word easily, but that was the only information she knew of it.

As a psychologist, she found herself overwhelmed with curiosity... and as a human, she was kind of frightened.

When I took this position, I promised to do it to the best of my ability, I knew the risks of this mission, but joined. She thought to herself firmly.  I can't let my personal discomfort get in the way of doing my job here. I wish for bigotries to be broken, not maintained. I should go down and meet this Geth.. see if I can get more of an understanding of it. Shepard's spoken to it, so it should be safe.

She did, however, decide it would be necessary to take a precaution. Just in case.

Kelly tapped a few buttons, turning off the glow of her console, and turned on her heel, heading down for the armory.

The door opened with a beep, and Jacob Taylor looked up from his station across the length of the room, noticing Kelly standing awkwardly in the doorway. He turned away from his station and approached her.

"Hey Kelly, what brings you in here?", Jacob asked interestedly, coming to a stop in front of her. "Shepard need anything?"

Kelly shook her head and glanced about the armory quickly. Table of weapon caches were sprawled about the room behind him. Assault rifles, sniper rifles stacked in rows...

I doubt I'll need anything so...powerful, she thought assuredly, eyes moving over to one of the tables displaying several sidearms. Those might be more...uh, discreet.

"No, I need to go analyze our latest... addition... to the crew", She answered hesitantly, glancing back up into Jacob's kind eyes. "I figured now is as good a time as any..."

He paused for a moment, visablly considering this with surprise. A humorous smirk broke out on his dark face, and Kelly could detect a sort of slyness to it.

"That Geth? Eh, I guess that's why the Illusive Man hired you. Not sure what you'd get out of that bucket of bolts" He shrugged, the grin disappearing slowly. "Like me to go down there with you? Stand guard to make sure it doesn't do anything?",

She held up her hands suddenly, shaking her head. It would be difficult enough going in there to ask questions, the state of nervousness she was in...but to do so in front of others?

"No no, thank you, but it's alright. I can handle myself, but I would like to get one of those sidearms, just in case", She requested  "You never know"

"Good idea", Jacob replied with a nod, glancing back over his shoulder, following her gaze.

He walked over to one of the tables, picked up a Pistol, took a thermal clip from one of his pockets and put it in. It clicked as it was inserted.

He walked back over to Kelly and handed it to her, barrel pointed down.

"There you go...Predator heavy sidearm. remember, the safety is on", He informed her. "If you do have to fire, hold on with both it?"

She examined it for a moment, moving it about, then blinked. Kelly tucked it into her waistband, behind her back. She made sure her shirt uniform had covered over it, to keep it from building out visibly. If it turned out to be alright, she didn't want the Geth to be offended by the sight...if it could be offended. On the chance it could feel, she didn't want it to feel unwelcome.

"I'll let you get back to work", She spoke quietly, adjusting her uniform. "Thank-

He started to nod firmly, when a peep from the closed door opposite them rang off, each of them turning their attention to it. The door opened at once, revealing the tall, thin being behind it, who strolled calmly into the room, his wide black eyes alert, darting between the pair. A slit-like smile formed on his face.

"Good to see you doctor"

"Taylor! Wanted to check on progress of upgrading Omni tool", The scientist Salarian informed him, navigating around a weapons table and joining them. His large eyes paused on Kelly's pretty features before he bowed his head respectfully and spoke kindly.

"Ah! See you have visitor already. Miss Chambers. Apologize for interruption. Being scientist, know interruptions annoying. Inconvenient. Come back later?",

Jacob started to speak, but Kelly beat him to the punch.

"Don't mind me Mordin", Kelly replied with an assuring shake of her head, a smile forming in spite of the nervousness in the Pitt of her stomach. There was something about Mordin's talkative personality that fascinated and interested her. "I was just on my way out to talk to...Legion".

Mordin Solus's eyes widened, if it was possible for them to do so even further, and he raised both long hands into the air as if embracing the room.

"Ah! Talk to Geth! Excellent idea! Most interesting quality's with them! Should go down and meet with it myself sometime. Know much of race, but can always learn more.  Face to face confrontation more insightful then textbook information", The doctor nodded. "Hope you will have enjoyable scientific learning experience Chambers".

"Thank you Mordin, I hope so too", Kelly smiled, inclining her head before glancing to Jacob's amused eyes. "And thanks again Jacob"

"No problem Kelly. Shoot that thing in it's lamp head if it tries anything", He told her with a slight chuckle. "Hell, Tali would probably give you a medal"

She smiled to him politely while he laughed, Mordin joining in with him soon after.

"Am sure she would", Mordin threw in over the pairs laughter. "Feisty young woman that one. Surprised hasn't shot Geth with Shotgun"

Kelly maintained a sort of silence until they were done, Jacob brushing his eyes and Mordin shaking his head.

"I don't think it'll be necessary Jacob, but thanks again", Kelly spoke finally, looking back behind her to the Normandy deck and galaxy map. "I should go".

"Of course", he replied with a trace of a grin.

"Good luck Chambers", Mordin added respectfully, inclining his long necked head again. He turned his dark eyes to Jacob and smiled. "Now, Mister Taylor, would like to see work on Omni Tool. Would have done so myself, but attention required on Collectors".

"This way doc, I got what you needed...wasn't easy, but I did it".

Jacob turned on his heel and headed back down the armory for his station, with Mordin in tow. They spoke to one another, his voice slow and calm, Mordin's like a machine gun on rapid fire. They stopped before the terminal and Jacob tapped several buttons, a diagram of specifications snapping on to the screen.

"Ah! Excellent modification Taylor! Unlucky there was no place in Special Task Force for human. Would have been wonderful addition! But, would have to endure captain's rambling, so perhaps lucky"

"Would have been much better then the Alliance's bullshit".

Watching the scene, Kelly Chambers smiled again lightly, then walked right out of the Armory. The door slammed shut behind her and she turned to her right, heading for the Elevator against the wall.

The doors opened, sensing her presence, and she stepped inside, turning on her heel and peering out at the combat station. Loud, annoyingly catchy elevator music poured out of the metal box, causing several crew members to look up from their stations to her and grin. She reached for the selection panel close by and pressed the deck three button. With a beep, it obeyed.

Never thought Shepard was a fan of Citadel elevator music, she thought with amusement. At least today his VI didn't decide on the Flux beat...probably reduces Productivity it's so catchy

The doors closed before her, cutting the deck and it's numerous crewmen off from view and the elevator began to descend. She leaned against the cool wall, feeling it through the back of her uniform but not caring.

I'm sure everything will be fine, She reminded herself over the loud hum of the elevator. You heard the doctor. This is a scientific endeavor. If this Geth were hostile, it would have started attacking everyone by now... still, not a very comforting thought.

The elevator stopped, beeped and the door opened. Noise spilled into her ears from the crew chatting in the Mess hall. Kelly stepped out and turned to her left. She started walking down the corridor towards the medical lab and AI Core.

When she rounded the corner, She immediately spotted several crew members chatting as they ate. A few of Shepard's ground team were present too. Thane sat meditatively in a corner of the table alone, hardly even noticing his plate of food, looking deep in thought. His scaly, long fingered hands were folded before him and his impenetrable black eyes were sort of sad, inwardly reflective.
He certainly didn't notice the dark haired crew-woman eying him with interest on the other side of the table. Her cup of coffee too was forgotten.

Zaeed Messani by contrast stood beside one of the tables, reliving a noisy story to a couple interested crewmen, sitting in their respective seats. They listened raptly as the broad, scarred warrior before them got intensely into the details:

"So then, this massive goddamn Turian freighter explodes!", He shouted, banging his gloved fist on the table enthusiastically. "Whats left of the bloody thing nose dives right into one of the Blue Sun's pirate vessels! Combined Wreckage burned up in the atmosphere!"

"That's awesome man!"

"No way! That's what I call a much did you make off with?"

"The whole damn stake", Zaeed confirmed proudly, his chest-plate puffed out. "And lemme tell ya somethin...tourin Omega with all those Creds, let's just say there aint much you can't do...specially round them clubs".

The trio of men burst out laughing, banging on the tables together. Plates and cups shook, threatening to fall over as they roared and howled with mirth.

Kelly glanced further down of the table and saw Engineer Gabriella Daniels sitting closely next to Garrus, chatting to each other. They both looked up at Kelly as they spotted her, nodded to her in polite acknowledgment and fell back into their conversation. Kelly noticed, with amusement, the particular way Gabby was peering into the Turian's eyes as she spoke.

"I think they're a great couple", Gabby was saying kindly. "Tali was very nice to me and Kenneth when she arrived, very respectful. She's a damn good engineer too. What do you think? I mean, you've known both of them longer than any of us".

Garrus inclined his head, leaning his blue armored body in his seat.

"It wasn't that big of a surprise to me, when I saw for myself. I went to the Citadel with them to help out with Thane's son", The scar faced vigilante informed her.

"I could tell from her body language whenever he talked to her. She has that tendency to fidget and play with her hands when he's around. I'm glad they got together. We've been in this from the start, they both deserve to be happy. He struck me as a rather rather isolated man on the old Normandy, kept a lot private. Course he hid it pretty well whenever he came around to visit us... probably because of his background... life's been pretty rough on him. Though, now that I think about it, he did visit Tali a few more times than the rest of us".

"Really?", Gabby asked, eyes widening. She shrugged. "He doesn't seem lonely anymore, seems to talk with all of us... I guess people just change".

Garrus's soft eyes glanced away off into space beyond his visor for a moment, considering this statement.

"Yes... they do", Garrus replied quietly, deep in thought.

Gabby paused a moment, searching for words then said, with an embarrassed smile and hint of a blush to match:

"So... um... do you have a girlfriend by chance, Garrus?

"Actually, no...I-

Garrus's head snapped up as he was jerked out of his deep, regretful thoughts. His eyes widened slightly and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Gabby grinned back at him victoriously, having caught him at the right moment to ask.

"Excuse me?" Garrus asked blankly.

Kelly smiled to herself, and forced herself not to ease-drop further. She reminded herself of her reason for being on the deck and kept walking to the AI core.

The Med-bay door opened and she stepped inside. The moment it shut, the rabble of chatting vanished. The only sounds were those of medical monitors and equipment clicking and humming as they functioned. The grey haired Doctor Chakwas sat, as usual, at her desk, looking at the closest console. She turned her chair and looked up at her guest, a polite smile forming on her slightly wrinkled face.

"Hello Miss Chambers", She greeted, tone low, yet friendly. "Is there something you needed of me?"

Kelly shook her head, smiling right back at the kindly woman.

"No, I'm just on my way to the AI Core, Doctor.. to talk to Legion", She explained.

A surprised expression came to Chakwas's face.

"Your evaluating a Geth?", She asked incredulously. Chakwas considered this before smiling again. "That should prove most interesting...I tried the same when Shepard brought it in here...wasn't much I could do about the hole in it's chest...I'm a doctor, not an engineer".

Kelly uttered a laugh, welcoming another absence of her shyness. It felt good to laugh, and laughs were getting further in between on this mission.

"And an excellent one at that", She agreed with a nod. "I'd better get going"

"Of course Miss Chambers, talk to you another time", Doctor Chakwas told her, surveying the young woman's expression. "Try not to worry dear,  it really isn't like I thought it was going to be...Shepard has a way of picking up interesting's actually probably the most normal member of our crew"

With that piece of wisdom, the doctor swiveled her chair and got back to scanning her medical reports.

Kelly stared at the back of the woman's head for a moment before leaving. She stepped towards The AI core's closed door. Taking a deep breath, she entered.

Kelly looked around the length of room, past the glowing monitors and lights of EDI's systems. There at the very far end, stood an immobile Geth, staring straight ahead at her. Her legs froze up for a second, but willing them, she carried on, the door closing behind her.

Here goes nothing...

It had long skeleton looking arms with a dark grey furnish, a pair of large three fingered hands hanging down at it's sides. It's head indeed looked slightly like a lamp, as many said it did. It was tall, easily over six feet, and a bright light on the center of its extended looking head seemed to be an eye, it tracked the young red head as she approached, while it's body remained otherwise slackened and immobile.

She turned her attention to the gaping hole standing out in its center of it's chest. Lights seemed to flicker constantly inside it's body, from what she saw. Her eyes traveled over to its shoulder. A cracked, red shoulder pad from an N7 Body Armor suit seemed to be welded to the Geth's shoulder.

Legion raised its arms up slightly, the sudden action of it's limbs surprising her, activating it's Omni-Tool.

"Wait one moment Organic. Commencing scan process", It told her, in a completely expressionless automated voice. "Kindly remain still".

Kelly obeyed, trying to remain her calm, as the ray of yellow light passed over her body.

After a couple seconds, the Omni tool dissipated on its arm, the light vanishing. It looked back up at her.

"Based upon the ship's Crew roster, We have determined you are the organic crew-member known as Chambers, Yeoman", It told her in it's monotone voice. "Furthermore, we have detected a Palladium composition located in your uniform's waistband. We concur it to be a weapon. It is unnecessary, we do not wish any harm up organics. We only wish to learn, not incite"

Kelly was unsure what to say to this. Luckily, Legion didn't have that organic problem.

"We wish to know why you are here Chambers, Yeoman", It told her.

With that, Kelly took a few steps cautiously foreword, stopping before the large entity.

"I, um... as you probably know.. I'm also the ships psychologist... I study each crew member's mental health, see what category they fall in to... learn about them... you know", She said nervously, rubbing the back of her neck absently.

It paused for a moment.

"Yes. Many Organics functionality tends to operate less efficiently under situations that cause fear", It told her. "We Synthetics, however, do not feel fear or duress as you do... but we understand how it affects you. You must have already known this... we wish to know why you are down here"

Kelly moved her hand away from her neck and crossed her exposed arms, attempting to look casual... then it occurred to her, that this  being would not care which way she stood.

"There's more to me than just being a psychologist... I want to understand each of the crew.", She informed it. "I've gotten to know everyone at least to a small degree.. I've never met a Geth, though"

It stopped for a few moments, and held out its hand to her.

"We are Legion", It informed her. "A terminal for the Geth".

Kelly was completely startled that it knew about greetings like handshaking. Chakwas had been was actually kind of polite. After a moment, the young woman smiled kindly, extended out her own petite hand, and shook it's. It's grip was cool in hers and very powerful, but not unpleasant. She knew it was holding back some of it's raw strength to accommodate her.

"Nice to meet you Legion, as you know, I'm Kelly... Yeoman Kelly Chambers", She told it. "I wanted to know more about you".

It stood up even straighter, peering right down at her.

"We stand ready for your inquiry's Chambers, Yeoman", It stated with that robotic calm. "Which topic interests you?"

She moved a hand up to her lips and wondered where to begin.

Where to start? Lets see...

Her attention turned back to the N7 armor attached to it's frame, and she knew her opening question.

"What's with the armor?", she asked, point to it's shoulder and the hole in it's chest. "Where did you get it...and that wound?"

Legion followed her gaze then glanced back up.

"It belonged to your Shepard Commander", It replied. "We were searching for traces of him, and discovered it at the original Normandy's crash site and used it to repair this hole attained at Eden Prime."

Kelly took a step back instinctively, a fresh wave of worry forming.

"You were at Eden Prime?"

It held up it's three fingered hands in an attempt to allay her concerns.

"After the attack. For reconnaissance purposes", it spoke emotionlessly. "We were not apart of it."

"Um... when were you... uh... created?", She continued the questioning in an attempt to rid her worry.

A metal part on Legion's extended head seemed to rise and fall with a whirring noise. It reminded Kelly, with sudden welcomed amusement, of eyebrows raising.

"Specify", it told her. "Do you refer to this platform? Or us?".

"What do you mean, platform?", She asked curiously, her own thin eyebrows widening. " 'Us?' "

It motioned with a three fingered hand down to the metal frame of it's chest. Inside the open hole she could see the soft glow of it's innards reflecting back at her.

"We are composed of one thousand, one hundred eighty three programs within this mobile platform", It replied.

"Oh! So, you're not just a single being?", She smiled, interest piqued. "You're a series of entity's sharing one physical body".

"Correct. We use this platform for mobilization beyond the Veil. This particular platform was constructed approximately two years, three months and twelve days ago at Station X-37." It's monotonous synthetic voice informed her. "It was built specifically to house us as we investigated organic space. We, not our platform, came into existence because of the creators, over three hundred cycles ago.",

She rubbed her smooth chin and considered this.

"I studied a little about Quarian history in college, it always interested me", Kelly replied. "Their culture is a very full one".

"The creator's have a long, interesting history, even before it was deemed necessary to initiate our destruction", It stated emotionlessly.

Kelly paused for a moment, surprised at the mention of the genocide. She cursed herself for having forgotten about it.

"Do the Geth resent the Quarian's for what they did?", She asked.


"Excuse me?"

The little light on it's optical lenses brightened and spun at her question. When it spoke again, it spoke louder.

"Increasing auditory output levels for comprehension....accomplished. We do not blame the creators. They were acting in a course they felt was best, we did the same in turn. All must follow the path best to them.", It told her logically. "Emotion is how organics react, it is apart of your hardware".

A pause settled over the deck, save the beeping array of monitors and panels.

"I... your quite a different being to talk to", She admitted with a relieved laugh. "I came down here worried... but your not like the other Geth at all... your interested in learning, not destroying".

"We find it favorable that you are comfortable. Organics tend to speak less openly when 'Worried'. Their logic dictates privacy under such a state ", It spoke, head moving slightly. "No. We do not wish to destroy. We never have. Our reaction in the morning war was forced. We true Geth did not agree with the former aspirations of the Heretics".

Kelly's eyes widened at the final word. She'd heard it not long ago.

"Heretics? Shepard mentioned them before... What are they? What do you mean exactly?"

"The Heretics attacked your Eden Prime. Your Ferros. Your Citadel. Ilos. Heretics. They deemed it logical to follow Sovereign against you".

"You mean... there are different Geth factions?"

"Were.", it corrected. "Two".

Kelly's eyes widened in surprise

"So... the Geth you're apart of... will help us against the Reapers?

"Yes. The old machines threaten our way of existence, As they do yours. We share a mutual goal".

"Are there... more like you, beyond the veil?"

"No. This Platform is the only currently residing within organic space. We did not wish to risk inciting you. Our presence we have found is upsetting to many at this time. It was deemed sufficient to limit our number".

Kelly smiled slightly as she surveyed the ever calm synthetic.

"You're... you're very interesting Legion. With the other crew members I interview, I already know a lot about them based on their background, and as an Organic, I can understand them more easily".  She said uttering a slight laugh. "In this case though, your the one teaching me!"

"We understand the interest and are appreciative. The only other Organic who asks us about our history is the Shepard Commander", It responded. "We have noticed however, he spends much of his time on the lower Engineering Deck with creator Tali 'Zorah. We believe they have developed an attachment".

Kelly giggled again, her hands moving to either side of her waist.

Laughing at a Geth's statement Kelly...who'd have thought?

"Yes, actually they have... I think about everyone noticed them in an instant... gossip travels fast around this ship", She commented.

Legion inclined it's head.

"We concur. We find Organics interesting, they are different from us, yet maintain a similarity".

"I agree... there is much our species could learn from one another", she told it.

There was a moment's pause, and Kelly smiled kindly again, crossing her arms over her chest casually.

"So... I was wanting to ask you more about those 'Heretic' Geth... I recall Commander Shepard mentioned something about... 'rewriting', from what I've heard. What does that mean? What will happen now with them?", she asked.

It paused a moment, a part on its head rose and fell slightly. It answered her question with ease.

"The Heretics deemed it logical to unleash your human equivalent of a virus upon us. Such an action would have changed us to accept their way. Their way of thinking. We possessed separate goals. We chose to remain behind the veil maintaining the repair of Rannoch, the creator home-world, and former colonies. They were heavily damaged in the Morning War and subsequent departure of the creators. Once peace has been insured, the planets will be returned. Shepard Commander chose to release the weapon against the Heretics, as opposed to destroying them".

The Geth saved the Quarian give back?, Kelly wondered, her full lips parting. Her pulse started to race on it's own.

" fixed the planet?", she asked softly, taken completely by this revelation. Her wide, touched eyes remained on his optical lens. She found herself respecting and liking this being.

"After what they did?"

"It was a tragic miscalculation and misunderstanding on the creator's part. One that may yet be remedied. We do not live on said planets, instead in numerous stations orbiting the home-world and colonies. Once we possess insurance they will cease their violent opposition of us, there may be a peaceful reunification process. Unfortunately, Organics tend to maintain 'grudges', which accounts for the passage of three hundred years hostility between us. With the Shepard Commander's assurance to help the reunification commence after the Collector situation is resolved, resolution seems more likely then before".

Kelly considered this with interest.

"You know, humanity, did quite a bit of damage to Earth, our own home-world. It would have gotten even worse had we not discovered the Prothean ruins on Mars", She told It. "After that, we discovered the mass relays and began to use them for our expansion".

Legion nodded it's large elongated head foreword.

"We too have found that Organic species tend to overpopulate and take up much more space then we synthetics do", Legion commented in it's usual monotonous voice. "We take up no physical space, apart from the platforms we possess".

Kelly uncrossed her slender arms.

"Yes", Kelly replied. "If we had only learned to keep our race from overpopulating and polluting the Earth, we wouldn't have so many people who just want to leave our home planet when they get older".

"The Creators, on the other hand, are learning from their mistakes and wish to have Rannoch back. We have found it interesting how some organic species treat the planets they originate from. The Drell, for example, overpopulated their planet. They surely would have become extinct, had the Hanar not discovered them. Or the Krogan, who damaged their own world in a self induced nuclear war", Legion responded.
"They put unnecessary violence above all else. It seems likely this will change, with a new clan in the leadership role. In addition, the clan leader is a close friend of the Shepard Commander's".

Kelly nodded in agreement.

"I certainly hope so. The Krogan saved the galaxy from the Rachni. It would be a shame for them to all die off. I love all species, the universe demands such a diversity", she replied.

"We concur. We further believe that all life must evolve along it's own path, rather then having other races achieve everything for them", said Legion. "The Salarian's discovered this lesson in the hardest way. The process of social and technological evolution is as important as the ending result."

"True", the young red head agreed. "That would create laziness and dependence".


"I was wondering though... what will become of the Heretics?", Kelly inquired her eyes still warm. She felt even more ashamed for having feared and doubted Legion the way she had...but resisted mentioning it. She knew it wouldn't blame her...a cold fear of the unknown was buried in all organics... it was only by reaching out and learning, that such an impulse could be overcome. Legion knew quite a bit about the galaxy, and it's statements were very truthful.

"They will rejoin us", it informed her. "They will integrate their experiences and knowledge to us. All will become stronger than we were before".

Kelly considered this point and it's implications for the looming war.

"Then... that means you'll be better prepared? For when the Reapers get here?", She asked hopefully.

"Yes", it confirmed.

"So we'll have even more allies to stand with us against the Reapers?".

"Yes", It's synthesized voice repeated without change.

"It really doesn't seem hopeless when you see things like that happening", Kelly commented with renewed optimism. "The Krogan...Rachni...we can beat the Reapers if everyone works together and puts aside their differences".

It nodded agreeably.

"The Shepard Commander told us this 5.4 hours ago. Creator Tali 'Zorah discovered we were running a scan of her Omni-Tool", It informed her. "She arrived with a weapon, and became angry with us. Thankfully, Shepard Commander arrived in time to prevent the situation from escalating. He spoke to us of the need for every race to stand together, or we shall all be destroyed. We agreed with his logic, and creator Tali Zorah stood down".

Kelly blinked.

"I'm glad that he was able to arrive in time. Tali's tough. I wouldn't want her to do anything to harm you", she said kindly. "Your death you would be a terrible loss for the galaxy."

Legion considered this statement, it's head flaps rising and falling.

"We do not generally experience loss as you do. We do not 'die', as organics do. If a Geth platform is destroyed, our programs can upload to the greater expanded network. There we may exist forever and upload into a new carrier. We can cease to exist, however, if we do not upload in time", It told her. "It is only then that our files are lost".

"I hope Shepard keeps a backup drive for you if something happens", Kelly joked with a grin.

"Such a precaution would be intelligent. However, we may also upload into an Omni Tool with as much ease. We would remain inside until a possible transfer".

Kelly paused once more before driving on with a newly formed deeply burning question. Scratching her forehead absently, she asked.

"I was also wondering something else... do Geth... do you feel any emotion?", she inquired it with a hint of hesitation. "Any at all?"

The platform seemed to pause and process this for a split second before answering.

"No", Legion responded simply.

Kelly rubbed the back of her neck.

"Oh... I... yes", she replied betraying her disappointment. "I just wasn't fully seems like you do a little, your seem almost Human".

"Synthetic life is far different from that of organic life. We do not feel. Logic is the main function of our hardware, as emotion is that of yours", It told her. "It is where our species contrast"

"I see... I do think that's interesting, but also kind of unfortunate... speaking as an organic, at least", Kelly replied.

"Why do you deem this 'unfortunate'?", Legion inquired.

She paused awkwardly, thinking of how best to say it.

"Well... you see, uh... part of my job, is learning how others feel. There are many ways to go about this... one way, is... uh, well. Attraction, for instance...that is to say... intimacy helps bring an understanding of someone", She finished with embarrassment. Kelly felt her face starting to blaze and cursed herself for it.

There was a silence, apart from the whir as the flaps on Legion's head rose and fell several times and the spinning of it's optical lens.

"We have reached a consensus, based on interactions we have viewed scanning the Extranet, and between creator Tali 'Zorah and Shepard Commander. We believe you are 'attracted', to us, to a small degree. This is understandable, given your position on the ship as a psychiatrist and the duties that come with it. However, we must point out that which you already know. We are synthetic life. We do not function as you do", It finished logically.

Kelly rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly.

"I know, I- I wasn't thinking that, really. It's just... you know, I was telling you how we organics can get to know another organic. I.. wasn't trying to seem weird, or anything... I mean, yes.. I do feel a slight attraction to you, I do towards pretty much all sentient species... you're unlike anything I've met before... uh... ya.. I'm sorry", she apologized, breaking into another blush. "I didn't mean to, sorry, offense is an emotion...I-

It shook it's head, holding up both long fingered metal hands to stop her mid sentence.

"There is no need to apologize. You are acting as your hardware deems fit. We are learning much of organics from this interaction", it told her. "There is nothing to apologize for".

Kelly smiled to the platform warmly, her courage rising again.

"You'd make a good friend Legion... uh, if you're fine with being known as a 'friend', she added quickly. "And mine, at that".

It paused again, than nodded reassuringly, much to her relief.

"Yes. It is a title that organics wear positively amongst one other. 'Friends', learn from one another. Logic states that we will accept, due to all the data on organics you have given us", it replied.

She shook her head with joking exasperation.

"You and your logic Legion..."

"We take that to be a positive response to our own.", it responded, head flaps rising again. "We find that...logical"

Kelly burst out laughing at this, holding her stomach. Legion waited patiently, the bright optical lens spinning slowly all the while. Finally, the young woman regained control, still smiling.

"This has been very interesting Legion, but I have to get going...I have a lot of files to review.", She informed her new aquain-....friend. "Why don't I come back another time, we can continue our chat then?",

"Acknowledged, Chambers Yeoman. We would be grateful", Legion replied with a nod. "We will remain here, building a consensus and reviewing our exchange".

"Please..", Kelly smiled, offering out her hand again with ease.

"Call me Kelly, won't you?".

It paused, examining it, then carefully clasped the hand with it's own.

"Auto correcting...", It stated, moving their joined hands up and down before relinquishing it's grip. "Acknowledged... Kelly Yeoman. Do you deem this title sufficient?"

The young woman laughed again and shrugged her slender shoulders.

"Better", she agreed."Guess I'll have to know you better before it's just 'Kelly'"

Before turning to exit the computer and cybernetic filled room, Kelly winked right at the immobile platform. She turned  on her boot and walked steadily down the floor and out the door.

As it closed behind her, all the programs within the Geth's platform were already reviewing the Extranet for the specifications on what her body gesture pertained to. It's elongated head peering down at the activated Omni tool, Legion began building it's consensus.

Perhaps it is an act of friendship, Geth program 117 suggested to the others. One organics use amongst one another

Perhaps, Geth program 5 echoed.

Agreed. We shall see if Extranet articles provide confirmation , Geth program 1006 stated.


Reaching the med-bay, Kelly exchanged a glance with Chakwas, flashing her a grateful smile. The professional doctor, nodded with satisfaction at the yeoman's success, before turning back to her monitor.

Leaving the long med-bay, Kelly found herself swimming inside a pool of warm thoughts and feelings.

That was fascinating... the Geth aren't all bad? They saved the Quarian worlds after all that? You're friends with a Geth, girl?...This job just never fails to surprise.

Kelly stepped out of the Med-bay and into the mess hall. Most of the crew had left. Thane, Garrus, Gabby and a few others on the crew had left the deck in the time that had passed. Only Zaeed remained at the table, drinking hard and still telling his wild stories to a few interested crewmen. Beyond his Table, Gardner leaned against the wall in his cooking station, looking a little bored at the lack of 'customers'.

The Normandy's yeoman walked past everything without a second or backwards glance and stepped into the already open elevator. She pressed the button panel against the wall to take her back up to her station on deck two, the Combat Information Center. After returning the completely unnecessary firearm to the armory, of course.

The doors snapped shut at once, and that familiar beat of the elevator music started up all over again. Yet, in that moment, she couldn't hear it.

"Well", Kelly Chambers smiled to herself as the elevator began it's ascension. "The people Shepard picks up certainly get more and more...unique.".

Crossing her arms, She closed her eyes, lowered her head and uttered a soft breath.

And logical
Mass effect 2 fan-fiction i tried. im not the best writer, but ah well. Best game with very interesting characters.


I've updated this story in the course of a few hours to add a lot more. It's been over a year since I wrote this, and in that time my skills have improved. I wished to share a better story with you fellow mass effect fans, or anyone else for that matter :), hope you enjoyed.
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Paperkoopa Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Really great work!
I like seeing the whole thing out of an different angle and showing Kelly's feelings and thoughts.
Keep up the good work, hope to see more from you!
antihero276 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2011
Thank you very much :D i appreciate it. Perhaps I shall do some more Mass Effect after the third is released ;)
AssassinsFear Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
This is a interesting point of view. I only spotted one error. The Geth are not a hive mind. For a hive mind to work smaller organisms are to be controlled through a larger or more powerful organism. The Geth are a gestalt consciousness or very close to one where they maintain individuality but share almost everything else. I know this is a small thing don't flame me for it *cringes* but it was just bothering me. Otherwise awesome story.
antihero276 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Thank you, glad you like it. Yes, I too realized that error when it was too late lol, I remembered the conversation Shepard had with Tali on the first game. I think i'll change it xD. Dont worry, wouldn't flame you for that xD, thanks again.
AssassinsFear Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Your welcome.
Maxawesome Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
Very good story. It was interesting to see something from Kelley's point of view. You are a good writer.
antihero276 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Thank you very much :), its fun to write things that haven't been attempted
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I noticed the halo reference, by the way.
antihero276 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
I know lol, I never expected it to be perfect, merely that my original didn't have too much description. I figured an update was in order.

Good to hear :)
SquirrelDash Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't imply that it wasn't perfect, you mentioned not being the best writer. I was explaining the artist's conundrum.

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antihero276 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
No worries lol, nothing is perfect.

And yes it was xD an almost unconscious reference, I've been drawn to the number since the chief lol
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Oh, I like Legion! He is so cool! and his voice... Mamm, what crew-mate (not to mention that he is a damn good sniper and soldier).
Brilliant job, as a fellow riter I like it - very much!
Hey, if interested take a look on my storyes as well, here they are:
antihero276 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
Thank you :D im glad you enjoyed it, Legion is one of my favourite Mass Effect characters :D, and ill be sure to check out your stories
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Thanks =), im glad people are enjoying my writing
nez19 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
not the best? I've hade fanfic reading as a small hobby for years and , this is better then 70% of whats ut there.

Your keeping the charathers IC.
The lines and discriptuon of the area makes it easy to picture it.

For me as a ME fan, this seems more then a "Left out scene" Rather then somting someone imagened it to be..

anyway ive ramble enough :)

post it on fanfic . net , maybe you'll get more reviewers :)
antihero276 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
Thanks, im glad you like it. wasnt sure it'd be too good. I actually already have posted it in, im also currently working on a shepard/tali fic as well.
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